Tpda3 is a classic desktop database application framework and run-time, written in Perl. The graphical user interface is based on PerlTk. There is also an early, experimental, support for wxPerl.

Tpda3 should work on any OS where Perl and the required dependencies can be installed, but currently it's only tested on Windows® XP/7 and GNU/Linux. Feedback and patches for other operating systems are welcome.

True Rapid Application Development (RAD), the Tpda3::Devel application module can be used to create a basic working application in a few minutes.


  • Simple and intuitive GUI;
  • Powerful search;
  • Report screens;
  • UTF-8 support;
  • OS independent;
  • Support for document generation from templates using LaTeX;
  • Report Manager integration;

Supported relational database management systems (RDBMS):



The latest release is v0.98.2.


Release v0.69. The old help module is replaced with a manual in CHM format for all platforms. It's also a bug-fix release.


Release v0.68 is another step forward for the wxPerl version based GUI and adds support for XRC. This opens the possibility to use programs like wxGlade, wxFormBulder or even CodeBlocks to layout the screens.


Tpda3 has support for the CUBRID RDBMS.

The SQLite support is complete. The test and demo application - ClassicModels - is fully functional.